The concept

We define our festival experience through attention to details and respect for the community.

SUNWAVES emerged as a counter-offer to what festivals offered in 2007, with no interest in fireworks, crazy lights, smoke machines, and mainstream music.

The idea of the festival was to create a community that is connected through electronic music and respect.

The festival brought some particular elements that today other festivals are implementing as well, but SUNWAVES was the pioneer.

SUNWAVES is the first and biggest biannual music festival in Romania, that goes for 6 days and 6 nights.

It’s the first festival that created a standard for sound quality. Funktion One has become the preferred sound system in electronic music events all over Romania thanks to SUNWAVES.

It’s the first festival that used visuals to highlight the music and used projection panels and 3d cut-outs to create a visual story for each stage in particular.

It’s the type of festival that wants to create a unique setup for the crowd and having the DJ booth decorated with flowers and the tents made with different materials that make the whole vibe friendlier.

It’s the first that built a wooden tent and transformed it into the trademark of the festival.