Kristal Club is a landmark club in Bucharest’s electronic music scene.

It opened its door in the Autumn of 2003, in a venue that was previously a cinema.

The club quickly became appreciated by the electronic music crowd that was just growing in post-communist Romania.

The international roster made Kristal Club a favorite, not only by the Bucharest clubbers but all over Romania.

Kristal Club always valued the Romanian artists, focusing various nights on local acts and the growth of the scene.

The international recognition came with multiple awards, press, and mentions from legendary DJs that played and fell in love with the club, the crowd, and the atmosphere.

As quoted on ResidentAdvisor: the agency “responsible for some of Romanian best parties”.

For more than 20 years of activity of mainly artist management and booking, Sunrise also put a big pin on building from scratch some of the biggest Romanian electronic music events.

With the main focus on the growth of the scene and music quality, these events are highly recognised internationally.

Under the agency’s imprint, a series of annual and biannual events have emerged, in cities such as Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Vama Veche in Romania.

In addition to the Romanian based music events, in the last years Sunrise Booking Agency has tied important friendships with foreign agencies Worldwide based in Miami, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Moscow, Sofia, and Barcelona.